ROH Hot House

“Hot House, part of One Big Stage, was one big ambitious project which burst into life on the stage of the Royal Opera House in July 2012, just ahead of the Olympics, as part of the London 2012 celebrations. It was billed as a showcase for young talent and involved so many different people and organisations that it’s difficult to write about it even-handedly without simply presenting a lengthy list of credits…

A total of 300 young people performed and a further 650 were involved in organizing, designing, set building and costume making…
The great achievement of all this enthusiastic and country-wide cross-collaborating was that it somehow all came together into a coherent dramatic and musical whole, with highly professional and committed performances from everyone concerned. Not for one moment did it smack of worthiness or tokenism”

A Royal Opera House Education commission by Julian Grant, with libretto by Stephen Plaice, conducted by Geoffrey Paterson, directed by Thomas Guthrie, designed by Rhys Jarman (set) and Lesley Ford (costumes) with young people from Thurrock, lit by Lucy Carter, with choreography by Sarah Dowling. Artistic director the lovely Gareth Malone.

Gweneth Ann Jeffers, Heather Shipp, Andrew Rees, Richard Burkhardt, Gareth Malone
Gary Avis, Sander Blommaert, Camille Bracher, Thomas Whitehead
Royal Opera House Youth Opera Company
Dancers from CAT (Dance East), The Lowry, and The Place