Noyes Fludde, Garsington and inspiring Monteverdi


Great to do some work for the wonderful Garsington Opera Education on their relay of Olivia Fuch’s production of Hansel and Gretel to the beach at Skegness. Three workshops in local schools and the community. I saw their brand new Orlando Gough community opera Road Rage recently, which was funny and brilliant, and the burgeoning education department there lead by the divine Karen Gillingham are doing great things. That was followed by a collaboration between East London Dance, Avant Garde Dance Company (Tony Adigun) and The Early Opera Company in Monteverdi Ballets at the Spitalfields Festival. Inspiring to work with those artists, and Monteverdi. Finally more workshops, this time for the enterprising 2 Moors Festival‘s Noyes Fludde production. In Devon, on sunny days, with a whole other set of inspiring people. Looking forward to that in October.