Dido day 2, with rehearsal pics

A special day in the Dido rehearsal room. Can’t quite believe it’s only the end of the second full day. I suppose it’s the end of the third day, including Sunday, so maybe it’s not such a surprise after all. But still. What can happen when there is a lot of talent, knowledge, good will and awareness in the room.
Caitlin is extraordinary. In all the ways I thought she would be. I love her warm true, spinning, emotional voice. I love her way of organising herself, her mind, her musicality, her emotional connection to the character, playing the line all the time between being in the moment and assessing, learning, growing, taking on board, reacting. She’s extraordinary. I’d love to do more things with her, projects, Ich habe genug, or Rückert Lieder, with puppets, Frauenlieben und Leben, a one woman show, or as part of a team of brilliant, musical, ego free people, a show of puppets and music and story and teamwork.
The chorus. Friends, wonderful and kind and generous and fun people. Versions of me in many ways (maybe not the wonderful, kind, generous and fun bit so much). I mean I know what they need and like, the way they like to work. And they do it so well. We have a way to go, but I’m never in any doubt that they’ll respond.
Richard E – such a fun character and so willing to be in the moment, musically, and to let it grow and change, with instincts honed in discipline and character.
And my own work, my own way of being. Finding the fire. Finding the balance and discipline of not pre-inventing, not wallowing in concern – or worse, self admiration. Of working and keeping in perspective and demanding and being grateful. And maybe this, which I’m relieved feels like something some kind of maturity at last: knowing what I believe and am so sure of, and not trying to explain it, or justify it, but just do it.
Interesting to think back to Dutchman. Felt like an old me, a stuck-in-the-past me, a trying-to-justify, fixed mindset me. A small/huge difference. And it’s to do of course with knowing Dido so well too, with not having the score in the room, feeling such an affinity with the text and the music.. But mainly I think it’s the inventing and working in the room feeling. No preconceptions – ideas yes, some clear, pre-imagining in the moment yes, pre-preparing and organising, yes, but not fixing and instead, actually doing all the important work in the room.